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You the Effective Sales Professional

A one day training session to give you some quick hands-on skills to enhance your selling skills.


11 Key Sales Concepts You will Learn to use Effectively


  1. What motivates people to buy.

  2. Effective prospecting techniques.

  3. The power of body language.

  4. How to cope with different personality styles.

  5. Secrets of a top sales professional.

  6. The word every salesperson loves to hear.

  7. The secret emotional selling triggers.

  8. How to overcome areas of concern.

  9. Closes that work every time.

  10. Effective diary and time management.

  11. How to build your self-esteem and confidence.


These topics are presented in a hands-on way by professional speakers and trainers with many years of practical experiences and a proven track record in leadership, sales and communication. You will leave the program with a series of tools you can implement immediately.

For more information 

Call Julian on 0414 736 484 or email

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