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Julian Campbell -

A Motivational Speaker to Bring you Results

Do you need someone who captures the hearts and minds of your audience or team to produce results?

"As a facilitator and presenter at our training day Julian went over and above to ensure the success of the day. His quick assessment of the groups dynamics, their needs and wants from the day ensured that everyone in the group walked away enlightened and motivated. We would have no hesitation in recommending Julian to others as an excellent speaker, presenter or facilitator to provide valuable foresight into breaking down the barriers to becoming effective in business and its many facets." 
Ben Clark, Northrop Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd 

“In my 25 years of business and management training experience, I have seldom, if ever, encountered a guest speaker to my class like Julian Campbell who completely captured the interest and attention of the students. The fact that these students were gaining so much value from your address that they wanted to give up their morning tea break (..and that from students whose visual impairment make more frequent than average breaks desirable)… in order to hear more from you, speaks for itself" 
Tom Toogood, Newcastle TAFE

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“I love speakers who make me look like a great program director! Thank you for your memorable presentation which was enthusiastically received by our members.  You certainly gave us a lesson in how to stand out.  I liked your easy presentation style that gave us stories to relate to, information to mull over and action to take.  You jogged our memory about what we need to do and I know that some members were certainly prompted to go and take some action on an area in their business they had been neglecting.”
Margaret Munoz, Pioneer Business Swap


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"Julian has a marvelous ability to break through common misconceptions about both life and business, and presents information in a way that enables the audience to create the life, and a lifestyle that they desire. Julian tackles mainstream topics that affect everyone, from all walks of life, and in all levels of business. His content is as relevant as it is timeless, and even to a degree in your face. It is the wake up call needed by everyone from corner store owners to corner stones of industry. Personally, Julian is a highly qualified professional, with great personality and character, whose integrity is beyond reproach; sadly a dying breed. I gladly and openly recommend Julian to anyone as a Public Speaker, a consultant or mentor to your business, and frankly anything else he puts his mind and name to. You should also check out his radio show and the books he has written. I am more than happy to qualify this recommendation by email or phone should anyone wish further detail." 
Paul J. Lange Executive Producer The Secret of Action and Networking Days

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