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Embrace the Leader in You

A one or two day training program for supervisors and managers who are new team leaders with no formal leadership skills training or have been doing it for years and need that little extra help.


How do you help your team to achieve results? Can you inspire your people to realise their full potential and do you have the time to do it?



Leadership is simply about acquiring a set of skills and developing them as best you can. This program will show you how to make you and your team a vital part of your organisation's future.


To Embrace the Leader in You

Call Julian on 0414 736 484 or email

Seven Things You Will be Able to do by the End of this Program:


  1. Understand the role of the team leader and how developing relationships can make you an effective leader.

  2. Find out how to plan the work for your team and organise who is going to do it, how they are going to do it and when they are going to do it.

  3. Develop a clear vision for your team and communicate it to achieve results. Lead more effectively by identifying individual's leadership styles and understand the differences in team members. Clarify team goals and lead the way to improved team decisions, building morale, earning loyalty and promoting peak performance.

  4. Create realisable action strategies that will actually make things happen for your team. Apply the steps to ensure the job is being done effectively and easily correct below standard performance.

  5. Recognise the reasons behind motivation and be able to apply motivation methods to achieve desired results. Know how to effectively delegate important tasks and give positive feedback to the team.

  6. Get your ideas across with clarity, confidence and passion. Understand the effect of body language and how to foster collaboration and cooperation at every level.

  7. Manage your time effectively and know how to apply proven time management principles and methods to increase available time.


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