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Percy Penguin Master of Survival

"Our greatest glory consists not in never falling

but in rising every time we fall"Anon


Your Guide to Thriving in any Conditions


Success Lessons You Can Learn from the Emperor Penguin


  1.  Maintain a positive attitude to suit your ever-changing environment.

  2. Results require your total commitment and focused effort.

  3. Planning ahead will increase your chance of success

  4. Working together improves your survival chances.

  5. Sometimes you must slide on your tummy.

  6. It's easier when you swim with the tide.

  7. Make your unique brand stand out.

  8. Follow your instinct.

  9. Persevere.

Do You Have the Focus of an Emperor Penguin?


Every year, for about nine months of the year the emperor penguin puts itself through hell to achieve one single purpose - to hatch an egg!


To start its journey, the emperor penguin swims fast and gracefully in the water but then suddenly shoots out of the water with great speed like a torpedo to land on its feet on the ice. Then an endless caravan of hundreds of emperor penguins begins a trek of more than one hundred kilometres across the ice in step, and in silence. They move at a very slow penguin pace because the penguin is a very poor walker on land.


Why Do I Use Percy the Penguin?


If you run a business, then you will be intrigued by the life of the emperor penguin. For the last two decades I have been fascinated by these interesting birds and their similarity with business as they go through unforgiving, life-threatening conditions just to survive each day.


All their energies are focused on ensuring their offspring survive. Very much like you in your business!


You will find out about the powerful success lessons you can learn from the emperor penguin in chapter nine of my book "Stop the Wheel - I Want to Get Off! 


You can download a copy of Chapter Nine here

"Stop the Wheel - I Want to Get Off!"


When you read this book, you will learn how to avoid being stuck in the treadmill of your business by using innovative marketing principles and how to get paid the money you are worth, on time, every time.


You will find out how to build an effective team of people that work with you and resourceful self management approaches that give you a feeling of achievement at the end of the day.


Yes, and when you apply the values in "Stop the Wheel … I Want to Get Off!" to your business:

  • You will feel less stressed.

  • Your relationships will strengthen.

  • Your profits will soar.

To order your own copy of "Stop the Wheel - I Want to Get Off!" visit our shop here

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