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The Way to Lead

A six month training program for accountants, lawyers, engineers, managers and other professionals who want to develop the skills to become the effective and successful leaders of tomorrow.


You are in charge, do you know how to motivate your team to achieve your department or company goals? Can you inspire your people to realise their full potential and do you have the time to do it?

In a changing business world, new skill sets are needed to achieve results and make it to the top. This program will show you how to be a vital part in leading your organization's future.

7 Things You Will Do by the End of the Program


  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of various leadership styles. Assess and evaluate your own leadership style and learn to develop the vital traits of a successful leader. Build your self- esteem, self-confidence and self-direction as you passionately get your ideas across clearly and confidently while you eliminate communication barriers and gain collaboration and cooperation at every level.

  • Develop a clear vision for your team and communicate it to achieve results. Create realisable action strategies that will actually make things happen in your department and company.

  • Others will follow your lead when you empower them to make decisions and take action through facilitating the team process. You will understand how to engender trust and eliminate fear, leading to acceptable change and positive results through recognising and rewarding your team members and others.


  • Learn to make intelligent decisions and solve challenging problems, thus avoiding costly mistakes and high-risk, low-return chances. Coach and monitor performance of your team, developing leadership skills in them whilst maintaining morale, earning loyalty and promoting peak performance.

  • Discover and analyse how current events impact on your business. Recognise how to build a business, how you can take advantage of current opportunities and successfully market these to your clients and potential clients. Then understand how to get paid on time.

  • Effectively manage change and lead the way to the efficient use of your and your team's time. Understand the importance of the transparency of your actions and the necessity for ethics in all of your dealings.

  • You the Successful Leader will establish trust and build integrity as you lead an unbeatable team, department or entire organization, winning people over to your way of doing things.

You can download the brochure for the Way to Lead program here...

For more information about the Way to Lead

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