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  • Julian Campbell

WOW - What A First Impression

Updated: May 19, 2020

When you hand out your business card do people take a step back and say "Wow"?

Do you have people clamouring for your card because of its value?

If not then read on.

Your business card is your most powerful marketing tool and yet in most businesses it is sadly overlooked. In most instances, your potential customers need four important pieces of information which should jump out from your card

  1. Your name

  2. Your phone number

  3. Your email address

  4. What you can do for them.

Everything else, such as:

Fax number

mobile number


business name


web page address

are important but secondary to the main message and should be treated accordingly.

The phone number on the average business card is so tiny and often jumbled up with other numbers. How often have you rung a fax number by mistake? You need to remember that a large percentage of the population either wear or should wear glasses, and those that do often can't find them when they need them! Make it easy for people to read your phone number.

The next thing to consider is making your card so attractive that people are compelled to read it. Careful use of colours, your photograph, logos, paper texture and the readability of the lettering style all add to the initial impact of your card and thus your business!

Next, remember there is a reverse side to the card.There are two schools of thought in this regard. Some believe it should be left blank to write notes on. However, you should realise other people will also write notes on the back of your card and then toss it away when the note is actioned.

I believe the reverse side of the card is a potential gold mine. It can be printed with information that makes your card so valuable, people want to keep it. In fact they will be eagerly asking for your card for themselves and their friends because of the value of that information.

The back of my own card has 10 tips which guarantee business success; the result - my card is constantly in demand.

You must be sure to have your business cards with you at all times. Have you ever missed an opportunity because you did not carry your business card? A few weeks ago, at a network meeting I asked somebody for their card and believe it or not they didn't have one with them. They promised to send one as soon as they returned to their office: I'm still waiting!

Finally, use a promotional outlook, ask everyone for their business card. Then ask these three questions.

  1. How can I help this person?

  2. How can this person help me?

  3. Can I network this person with someone else?

The answers will provide wonderful opportunities!

Remember that it doesn't cost any more to plan your business card carefully, but the results can be astounding.

Next time you are printing your business card, spend that extra thought and really make your business card work for you - Wow!

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